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Global Health: Resources

To help you in your efforts to engage in the Center's Global Health electives or in Global Health in general, please use the following resources:

CMHE Global Health Documents & Resources


CMHE Checklist:

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS:  The CMHE forms, along with the OIS forms, comprise a completed Global Health Travel Packet.  Please submit the COMPLETED travel packet to the CMHE Academic Program Coordinator.

CMHE Forms:

Office of International Services Forms

From the OIS home page, go to the "Education Abroad" tab for the following forms:  (1) Checklist, (2) Approval Form, (3) Emergency Contacts, (4) In-Country Itinerary, (5) Assumption of Risk and Release, (6) Student Conduct Agreement, (7) Medical Self-Assessment and Treatment Disclosure and Release, and (8) a How-to-Guide for International SOS and STEP Enrollment.


MARC Travel Clinic: Schedule an appointment with the UTHSCSA travel clinic with Dr. Anthony Hartzler ( or 210-450-9800) at least 2 months prior to any international travel.

CMHE Global Health Guidelines, Ruth Berggren, MD

The CMHE Academic Program Coordinator will order medications and supplies needed by your team.  Please see Global Health Supply and Medication Ordering Procedures.
CMHE Policies & Procedures for the Requisition of Supplies and Equipment for Approved International Electives

CMHE Travel Requisition and Reimbursement Policies & Procedures for Approved International Electives

Institutional Review Board: if you are conducting research while abroad, check with UTHSCSAs Institutional Review Board to see if your research needs to be reviewed.

Office of International Services: for any additional questions about institutional policies for international travel, please contact the Office of International Services.

International Elective Site Evaluation: upon returning home from an international elective, all students are required to complete this student site evaluation.
First/Second Year
Third/Fourth Year