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Arts & Humanities Emphasis

Arts & Humanities Requirements:

  1. Option 1: Propose and implement a project that uses an artistic medium to either address a healthcare need or enhance our knowledge base in healthcare or medical education.
  2. Option 2: Create a portfolio of an appropriate number of literary or artistic works pertaining to medicine to submit to a peer-reviewed medical humanities publication.
    • The student should have some background in creating the work being undertaken.  A student without any painting experience should not try to create a portfolio of medical paintings.
    • All final works should be submitted to one or more nationally recognized, medically relevant arts or literature journals.
    • Literature review (from medical literature) should be conducted.
  3. Student must submit at least three pieces (written or visual) to Connective Tissue Visual Arts & Literature Journal. Pieces may be submitted for separate submission cycles or in a single cycle.
  4. Student should volunteer or serve on a committee for at least one arts & humanities campus group or event (e.g. Night of the Arts, Music/Art & Medicine, Music for Healing, Connective Tissue, etc).
  5. Capstone Report: Option 1 will include data and analysis of the impact in healthcare or medical education. Option 2 will include a description of the process taken for the creation of the portfolio (methods)