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San Antonio Guatemala Endeavor

Country: Guatemala

City/Town: Uspantan

Type of Site: Clinical/Community

Organization/Institution: San Antonio Guatemala Endeavor and HELPS International

Year of Study: All

Dates: July


Requirements: n/a

Application Procedures:
Schedule a meeting with the CMHE Assistant Director of Global Health to discuss your interests, where you would like to contribute to the effort and to identify an appropriate mentor on the team. Thereafter, visit the SAGE website at to apply via their online system.

Program Description:
Every year for the past 9 years, SAGE has taken a team of volunteer doctors, nurses, dentists and community development experts into the mountains of rural Guatemala to provide medical care and assist in addressing community development issues to communities surrounding the town of Uspantan. Over the course of the 5 day mission, SAGE sees patients in medical, dental, vision, and surgical clinics. Through this unique opportunity, students will have the opportunity to witness holistic clinical care in an underserved community and play a vital role as part of a truly interdisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, and dentists. Depending upon their individual interests, students will have opportunities to work in pediatrics, adult medicine, OB/GYN, vision, dental or surgical clinics. Under the guidance of a physician, students will be charged with interviewing and examining patients and to assist in evaluation and treatment. In addition to this unique clinical experience, students can involve themselves in the many different community development projects the team undertakes. In the past, SAGE has assisted in the construction of fuel efficient stoves, home repairs, and the provision of safe water sources.

Additional Information:
The SAGE mission is willing to accept anywhere from 5-10 students a year on their trip. The trip is organized for July of each year. Students interested in this trip must individually or collectively identify and have a mentor from the trip approved by CMHE before this site can be approved for elective credit

Cost: $2,000