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Frank Bryant Memorial Lecture

Frank Bryant

"Frank Bryant was a gentleman of the highest order. He cared about his entire community - not only about their health, but their well-being."
Dr. Leonard Lawrence, colleague and friend

In 2002, the Texas Medical Foundation provided funding for a lecture series to honor Dr. Frank Bryant Jr. Dr. Bryant is remembered by friends as a man that cared, and showed that he cared. He is remembered as a man who overcame adversity, yet would never accuse anyone else of being unfair. Dr. Bryant graduated from UTMB in one of the first classes to admit black students; He went on to become a respected physician, a loving family man and an advocate for the medically underserved in East San Antonio.

Dr. Bryant was the cofounder and first medical director of the Ella Austin Health Clinic and co-developer of the East San Antonio Medical Center. He served as the first African-American President of the Bexar County Medical Society and the first President of the C.A. Whittier Medical Society.






Past Lectures

March 19, 2019

Alondra Nelson, PhD

Racial Reconciliation, Institutional Morality and the Social Life of DNA

April 3, 2018

David R. Williams, PhD, MPH

Making America Healthier for All: What Each of Us Can Do


February 21, 2017

Camara Jones, MD, MPH, PhD

Achieving Health Equity: Tools for a National Campaign Against Racism


April 19, 2016

Black Man in a White Coat: A Doctor’s Reflections on Race and Medicine

NowCastSA video

February 10, 2015

Science: A Tool for Justice

NowCastSA video

February 11, 2014

Elisabeth Rosenthal, MD, MA
Medical Prices in the US: A Problem We Can't Ignore

NowCastSA video
Interview with Texas Public Radio

October 11, 2012

Laurie Garrett
Betrayal of Trust: Critical Issues in Global Healthcare


October 20, 2011

James K. Galbraith, PhD
The Predator State


October 15, 2010

Rebecca Skloot, MFA
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

immortal life book cover

October 19, 2009

Stewart Altman, PhD; David Hunt, MD; Jeremy
Lazarus, MD; Ana Malinow, MD; and Kenneth Shine, MD

Health Care is Broken: How Do We Fix It?

Linda Gray Kelley

September 22, 2008

Paul Farmer, MD, PhD, and Tracy Kidder
Mountains Beyond Mountains


March 29, 2007

David M. Oshinsky, PhD
Polio: An America Story


August 17, 2006

Kenneth Shine, MD
Code Red: The Next Steps


March 22, 2005

Christine K. Cassel, MD
Improving Patient Care: New Dimensions of Professional Ethics


January 6, 2004

Kenneth M. Ludmerer, MD
The History of Discrimination in American Medical Education


December 12, 2002

David Satcher, MD
Ethical Issues in the Distribution of Healthcare in the United States