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INTD 7007- ELEC 5038 Medicine through Literature

Course Numbers:
2nd year Medical: ELEC 5038
4th year Medical: INTD 7007
Course Instructors:
Ruth Berggren, MD, FACP, UTHSA, Director, Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics
Kristy Kosub, MD, Professor, UTHSA, Director of Student Ed Programs
This elective is for second- and fourth-year medical students.  In this course we will read personal essays and poems written by health care providers at all stages of their careers, as well as writings by patients.    
The primary purpose of the course is not to enhance your store of knowledge in these areas but to encourage your appreciation of these works through discussions with other students on Canvas and in class.  You will also use the reading assignments to inspire your own writing. There will be six class meetings, or BLOCKS. Your own contributions to the course---not just the insights you’ve gained as medical students but the wisdom you bring to the class as human beings--will be critical to its success. 
Course Objectives:
  1. To  appreciate literature through close reading
  2. To prepare for and process clinical experiences by relating them to reading assignments
  3. To engage in thoughtful and serious discussions with peers
Course Requirements:
  1. Month class sessions
  2. Online Canvas discussions
If you are interested in this course, please contact