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ELEC 5041 Homelessness & Addiction



Course Director: Richard Usatine, MD

This course is for First- and Second-Year medical students with a special interest in learning about issues of homelessness and addiction, and how these relate to the provision of healthcare to underserved and vulnerable populations.  Throughout the course of the academic year, students will attend monthly sessions on campus to discuss in more depth these issues.  In addition, students will also attend clinic sessions at the five Student-Run Free Clinics (Student-Faculty Collaborative Practice).

Course Objectives:
  1. To increase awareness about homelessness, and how it relates to healthcare
  2. To increase awareness about addiction, and how it relates to healthcare
  3. To prepare first and second year students for working at Student Run Clinics (Student-Faculty Collaborative Practice)
  4. To encourage student teaching within all 4 years of medical school
Course Requirements:
  1. Monthly class sessions
  2. Clinical hours at Student-Run Free Clinics (Student Faculty Collaborative Practice)
If you are interested in the course, please contact