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INTD 4048 - Art Rounds/ELEC 5048 - Enrichment Elective in Art


Course Numbers:
2nd year Medical: ELEC 5048
4th year Medical: INTD 4048
Undergraduate Nursing: NURE 4048
Graduate Nursing: NURE 5248
Course Directors:
Kamna Balhara, MD, Emergency Medicine
Richard Usatine, MD, Assistant Dir. of Humanities Education, CMHE
Art Rounds is an interactive, interprofessional course that takes students to the McNay Art Museum to learn physical observation skills. Using artwork as patients, students will learn how to observe details and how to interpret images based on available evidence. Taught jointly by UTHSA faculty and McNay Art Museum educators, students will view, observe, interpret, and give case reports on works of art. Studies demonstrate that these skills translate to improved patient physical observation skills. 
Course Objectives:
  1. Improve your visual observation skills
  2. Develop interprofessional communication skills
  3. Gain comfort with ambiguity
  4. Practice team-based problem solving
Course Requirements:
  1. Bimonthly sessions either at the McNay Art Museum or on campus
  2. Pre/Post Assessment
  3. Art Patient
  4. Differential Diagnosis
  5. Museum special event/lecture
  6. Visit another museum
  7. Create Art 
If you are interested in this course, please contact