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Advisory Councils

The Center for Medical Humanities & Ethics Advisory Council

The Center for Medical Humanities & Ethics Advisory Council helps the Center accomplish its mission by familiarizing community members with its programs and activities and by providing support for its funding strategy. Each member serves the Center with his or her wisdom, experience, influence and abilities. The Council meets three times per year.

James R. Adams

Mary Beth Williamson

Edith S. McAllister
(Feb. 18, 1918 - July 1, 2018)
Founding Chair

Advisory Council

Barbara Baugh
John Browning, MD
Charles E. Cheever, Jr.
Jean Cheever
Graciela Cigarroa, JD
Edgar M. Duncan, JD
Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler
Jimmy Ruth Evans
Marvin Forland, MD
Charlotte Franklin
Betty Murray Halff
Sarah E. Harte
Mary L. Henrich, JD
George B. Hernández, Jr., JD
Susan Jarvis, JD
Megan Kromer, PhD

Barbara Labatt
Nancy Maebius, PhD
Taddy McAllister
Gary McWilliams, MD
Kevin C. Moriarty
Bill Nichols
Phyllis Nichols
Pilar Oates
Janet D. Puckett, MD
Fazlur Rahman, MD
Carl Register
William Scanlan, Jr., JD
C. Reggie Williams
Dorothy R. Williams
Jack Willome
Jerald Winakur, MD

Student Advisory Council Members

The CMHE Student Advisory Council assists the faculty and staff of the Center for Medical Humanities & Ethics to support the mission of the Center.

The CMHE Student Advisory Council achieves its mission through a membership of diverse students from the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio School of Medicine. These individuals engage in, assist and support the activities of the Center; provide counsel to the Center's faculty, staff and Advisory Board on important issues affecting educational curriculum and activities in humanities and ethics; provide insights to the faculty, staff and Advisory Board on how the Center can enhance the impact of its services for students; and to provide input to the faculty, staff and Advisory Council for assessing the progress of the Center and charting futur


Larissa Aroche-Gutierrez
Class of 2019


Jelina Castillo
Class of 2020


Connie Cheng
Class of 2020

Ko Choi
Class of 2020

Melissa Dang
Class of 2021

Max Feng
Class of 2021

Cara Forsythe
Class of 2020

Amina Igeh
Class of 2019

Tommy Pham
Class of 2021

Will Sovic
Class of 2019

Juan Vargas
Class of 2020

Courtney Widjaja
Class of 2019
Maggie Zhang
Class of 2020


Student Advisory Council Alumni

Class of 2018
Shannon Brougher, MD
Mazen Hassan, MD
Saloni Singh, MD
Christopher Smith, MD
Yayu Zhong, MD
Class of 2017
Johanna Ascher, MD
Analee Benavides, MD
Anu Kapadia, MD
Jonathan Rowland, MD
Emily Wasson, MD
Class of 2016
Samy Bendjemil, MD, MPH
Stefan Jensen, MD
Andrea Richardson, MD
Wen Zhang, MD
Class of 2015
John Anhalt, MD
Kelsey Bryant, MD
Jesse Sandhu, MD
Class of 2014
Amanda Lipsitt, MD
Matthew Mullane, MD, MPH
Kristy Riniker, MD
Amy Yu, MD
Class of 2013
Daniel Clark, MD, MPH
Katie Gong, MD

Class of 2012
Beth Byrne, MD
Martin Hechenova, MD


Class of 2011
Kyle Kalkwarf, MD
Kristi Pogue, MD
Julie Wibskov, MD